Two decades of proven experience

For over 20 years, Michelle has worked to improve the lives of and secure legal equality for all San Franciscans. At the Eviction Defense Collaborative, she assisted tenant families, and at the Asian Law Caucus, she advocated for domestic violence victims, immigrants and restaurant workers. Finally, at the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, Michelle tried over 50 jury trials and brought a holistic approach to each person she helped.

Justice and equality under the law

She has worked in underserved communities for decades. She lives in the Richmond district and has represented clients from every neighborhood in San Francisco.  From the Sunset, to the Western Addition, Chinatown, the Bayview, SOMA, the Tenderloin and so many other parts of the city, Michelle has been a community lawyer. The law is supposed to equally protect everyone, but Michelle knows firsthand the inequities in the legal system and wants to ensure each person who appears before her is heard.

Restorative justice

Michelle has worked with victims of crime. 

Michelle believes the legal system must focus on making victims whole with restorative justice principles. As a public defender, she has seen crime victims disregarded and excluded from the legal process. As judge, Michelle will work with justice partners to ensure that all victims are heard. She will also address implicit bias in the judiciary by taking an active role in changing the well-documented disparities that exist in our courts.