“I have dedicated my life’s work to advocating in the underserved communities of this city to better the lives of others.  Judges have the unique power to make decisions that affect us day to day. From child custody decisions, to neighbor disputes, to critical criminal justice determinations, San Francisco Superior Court Judges hold the power to make life altering decisions that affect those in our communities.”

I know the daily struggles of immigrants, restaurant workers, tenants, people accused of crimes, and crime victims who are adversely affected by the criminal justice system.  I have spoken to hundreds of members of the community who have come to our courts to serve as jurors. I know there is frustration with the legal system because people feel they are not being heard.  As a resident of this city, a public defender, an immigrant rights’ advocate, and community based attorney, I will bring a unique perspective to the bench to help to better our communities and make us safe.  As judge, I will bring decades of proven experience to serve this city and county to which I have dedicated my entire career. I would be honored to serve as your Superior Court Judge, Seat 18.”

Passion to serve others

My parents immigrated from Hong Kong and came to the United States in search of the American Dream. My dad went to university and is now a retired engineer for the State of California. My mom owned and operated her own salon for over 35 years. They taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. Unfortunately, like many immigrants, they believed that the law was something to be feared. This inspired me to devote my life to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, speak for those whose voices are often dismissed, and provide access to legal protections that should be afforded to everyone.

After I graduated from UC Santa Cruz, my commitment to public interest law continued for two years at the Asian Law Caucus in San Francisco.  In the Immigration and Employment programs, I used my Cantonese and Mandarin skills to advocate for victims of domestic violence adjust their immigration status; I helped hundreds of immigrants become US citizens; I represented exploited restaurant workers for lost wages and educated countless community members about employment discrimination.